Pleading to Exhaust

Not impressed by world again but still want to live cheerfully happily spirit not in refrain.
Why so much still confusion  knowing that results are not my solutions.


Enough dragged by desires so letting them go is the only way to acquire.
Oh shri hari please hold the hands of this servant pleading to forget the existence, thinking of you becomes  the only essence.
All the senses are willing to exhaust except the eyes employing tears serving the lotus feet lovingly dissolved.

Hari Bol

3 Replies to “Pleading to Exhaust”

  1. Hi Anu,
    Its true. i hope you are giving up your desire not by fulfilling them, because as you also know fulfilling means ( with no awareness) creating more in depth desire.
    If you have even 1% higher consciousness and intelligence then it is but natural that you will not be impressed by this world – you will look higher 🙂 so be happy !!
    Hari Bol

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