Insight Thoughts

A warm welcome to all the readers and very thankful to support ,so that I can come up with more writing.Today,on Sunday no agenda so far,just reading and absorbing time.In the previous post,I wrote to explore story for acceptance,a direct realisation or result of “As it is”,haven’t found a big story but very willing to dig some excitement.

A short story,I have is that from last two days,experiencing on/off situation in myself but say ,it stayed balanced.At present,I don’t have work related to my area of interest.In this tough time of COVID outbreak,I must say that by grace of shri Krishna & I pray for everyone that we come out of this, with great learning and smile on our faces.I am not going to work(sales consultant part-time),but still getting paid,everything is going well.

In the lock-down time,cleared certification of Data Analysis,SQL online,along with joined a local charity as well on volunteer level as Research and Policy Analyst.The only hindrance is that I feel that the organisation is very slow in pace & I am keen,so energy mismatch. I was getting agitated in the sense,because last year I joined another volunteer work and was very near to start working with information department in the local hospital,but to due to COVID,it didn’t happen.

Last night,I just said to myself,I don’t know what to do,I just want to leave the guidance on Shri Krishna.I am always ready to act but not in confusing & agitating state.In the morning,just picked me the book ,did drawing and in love again with “As it is”.The beautiful lines are:

“Conditions arise and cease,that’s their nature,so you can take it easy.If you just accept conditions as they are and bear them in whatever form they take in the moment,then they pass-and you recognise they are no longer present.”

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