Now It is Movie Time Hurray

I feel that I am done now from the book review and moving to Movie review would be as exciting as book review.

Why I decided to jump from book to Movie review?

Well I completely feel moving to other side of Arts which is media is necessary for me because I am also great admirer of different messages,I learn from movies.

Can’t wait to explain more,so excited.

I would be reviewing “Parmanu” in my first post,as I recently watched,also noted very interesting points.


Magic To Whisper

Everyone wants to find what is the magic in me which can’t be measured in days and nights,tiredness cann’t pull it aside.

Not willing to know what would be the result, will easily spread the fragrance with no calculations.


So want to welcome you indeed knowing the condition is open heart allowing small small appreciations.

Then only the magic will whisper in the ears yes you have captured your heaven  in the joyful tears.

Hari Bol

Kirtan-the only causeless happiness

Hare Krishna

Today is the Birthday of Aindra Prabhu.I still remember those days continuously listening kirtan of Aindra Prabhu for long hours in order to come out from grief of ectopic pregnancy.I was deeply in tears of failed pregnancy,at that time in order to deviate myself and build new hope,I fell in love in Kirtan of Aindra Prabhu specially this one in the upper link.

You can easily feel the high level of devotion,no compromise with the beautifully crafting of the rthymn, feels like he is giving shape to sculpture of Radha Krishna,as the level of music and enthusiasm grows in the kirtan it indicates that Aindra Prabhu is decorating deities of Radha Krishna with different offerings which is undoubtedly supreme enchanting  experience in itself.Continuing with the service of kirtan,chanting in full swing, doors of deities open mesmerising everyone with speechless,impeccable beauty of one and only shri Radha Krishna which can easily turn down any level of  materialistic happiness just like when sun emerges out then dark night is bound to go.

Hari Bol


Anniversary Of Kirtan London

An unmissable evening of uplifting music, mantra and meditation

Swiss Church • 79 Endell Street • London WC2H 9DY 3-9pm
Saturday 5th October

On the 5th October celebrating the first anniversary of ‘6 HOUR KIRTAN’. If you enjoyed the previous 6 Hour Kirtans, we hope this will be even better!

Join us at the Swiss Church in Covent Garden from 3-9pm for another unforgettable experience.

Preparations are in full swing for a very special evening, featuring a host of wonderful kirtan leaders, a delicious vegetarian dinner and to celebrate our birthday, it’s all our treat!

Entry is free, and we especially encourage you to bring along friends who have never experienced kirtan before. One of our primary aims in setting up the Kirtan London project is to make mantra music relevant and accessible to as many Londoners as possible. We can only do this with your help – spread the word and let’s sing through the city!

Hare Krishna