Feeling Blessed to be part of such a old Book(Letters to Friend)

This book is very old and Tagore’s hand writing along with an old stamp is absolute bonus ,feeling so lucky to borrow from the local library.


I must say this book is deep work of consciousness.The writer’s acceptance of his inner and outer world with full grace,glorified situations on positive note every single time,with his all time favourite companionship of nature.So far I have read only around 40 pages but I can feel an intense stillness which made its path through acceptance and deep realisation of life.Before the actual chapters begin,there is an essay on personality of Tagore gives insight how he found his bonding with nature in its fullest expression.These lines showcases,how he witnessed silently

“Sometimes I would pass many months alone without speaking ,till the voice grew thin & weak due to lack of use”.

The essay summarises influencing factors and how Tagore’s consciousness progressed towards using literature for country’s well-being resulted in opening a school in the lap of nature named as “Shantiniketan”.This video gives a good presentation of the place’s art work with Bengali language in the background.

This line touched me“I know that I must pass through death.God Knows it is the death-pang that is tearing open my heart”.Tagore had given death a liberating and an eternal truth face,clearly reflects how much he was in pain when surrounded by death of family members.As an artist,he took death as clay and moulded completely into a different shape.

I completely feel that I would be hunting lots of words to do full justice with the book review in the next post.

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Anniversary Of Kirtan London

An unmissable evening of uplifting music, mantra and meditation

Swiss Church • 79 Endell Street • London WC2H 9DY 3-9pm
Saturday 5th October

On the 5th October celebrating the first anniversary of ‘6 HOUR KIRTAN’. If you enjoyed the previous 6 Hour Kirtans, we hope this will be even better!

Join us at the Swiss Church in Covent Garden from 3-9pm for another unforgettable experience.

Preparations are in full swing for a very special evening, featuring a host of wonderful kirtan leaders, a delicious vegetarian dinner and to celebrate our birthday, it’s all our treat!

Entry is free, and we especially encourage you to bring along friends who have never experienced kirtan before. One of our primary aims in setting up the Kirtan London project is to make mantra music relevant and accessible to as many Londoners as possible. We can only do this with your help – spread the word and let’s sing through the city!

Hare Krishna